A blog for everyone walking the tightrope of life. The path is complicated, sometimes it throws the worst at us but with some patience, a good sense of humour and more than a little bit of cake we can get through! We are all doing our best to cope with what life throws at us. We are all surviving our worst days. We are all living. Here I share my story, through the trials of cancer and its rigorous treatment; the story of staying alive.



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Partner, sister, friend, family member, employee, interior design lover, cake baker, dog Mama and now… Cancer Patient.  Take my hand and let’s talk about all things life related. This is the story of a girl who is walking the tightrope of life with great passion and more than a few tears. We are going to need cake!

Where to start? Maybe I should start by introducing myself to you.  My name is JJ and I am living with Metastic Cervical Cancer. This journey has taken me to the darkest places of my life and yet allowed me the most intimate and heartwarming moments with those I love. With more than its fair share of hilarious moments thrown in! Yes, living with cancer can lead to some of the funniest times of your life, a novel concept I know. #cancersituations became a running joke within my household as one thing after another fell apart or broke inside and around me – more to come on some of those beauties later…

I should probably apologise in advance for a few things. Firstly, I am well known amongst my friends and family for being a “just sayer” and I want to try and harness that skill within this blog, maybe not so much of a skill when you piss your boss off for the 5th time in a meeting for pointing out the bleeding obvious but you know I am assured by those who aren’t paid (too often) to put up with me that it’s a good thing. BUT it means I am not always the most tactful person around sooooo you’ve been warned, when I say warts and all I mean warts and all! (I’d love to say not literally but I’m afraid if there is one thing I’ve learned about living with cancer it’s that anything can happen!) Secondly, I am an atrocious speller (why do I choose to use the most complicated words too? Sucker for punishment clearly!). And thirdly, I am starting this blog at the end of my treatment (hopefully!) so  chemo brain is fierce and can I remember what I actually wanted to put as my third apology, no I cannot! But apologising for the fact that I will go off in tangents, forget what I was saying, forget what you’ve asked me to do and on and on it goes is a constant fixture in my life currently so it’s only fair that you guys get to experience this bit too. After all I did say “warts and all”.

So grab yourself a cup of tea and some lovely cake, we need it. And let’s live.

JJ x


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